• EnvKey App
    • cross-platform gui built with javascript es6, react, redux, and electron
  • envkey-fetch
    • core cross-platform fetching, decryption, verification, and redundancy logic
    • accepts an ENVKEY, returns decrypted json of configuration
    • built with Go
  • envkey-source
    • injects decrypted EnvKey config into bash shell environment variables
    • wrapper around envkey-fetch, makes EnvKey available to any language
    • accepts ENVKEY, returns quoted, escaped export commands for safe shell evaluation
    • built with Go
  • envkey-ruby
    • Ruby wrapper for envkey-fetch
  • envkey-python
    • Python wrapper for envkey-fetch
  • envkey-js
    • Node.js wrapper for envkey-fetch
  • envkeygo
    • Go wrapper for envkey-fetch


  • envkey-api
    • stores and fetches organization data, user data, app data, and encrypted config
    • enforces user access levels
  • env-service
    • simple micro-service that accepts the lookup id portion of an ENVKEY and returns encrypted config from a database index

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